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Weight and Stuff Report – 24 July 2014

Up by a teeny amount today, but never mind…

Just for a change my highly skilled team[1] and I went to Darlington today – delivering and unpacking some new toys for our recently acquired office there. So it was another day when I didn’t get a full lunch break, mutter.

Today’s photo is a model in the National Railway Museum. The Euston Arch used to stand in front of Euston Station[2] in London, but was demolished for reasons of what I believe is known as “clueless developers with no bloody taste[3]”. There is a campaign to have it restored, which would definitely make Euston Road look better…

Euston Arch

Euston Arch

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/3.6
Shutter speed: 1/30s
Focal length: 32.9mm
ISO: 2000
Taken: 5 July, 2014
Location: 53° 57.6202′ 0″ N 1° 5.7019′ 0″ W

[1] That would be Aaron[4], who I have to point out did all the heavy lifting, saving his frail old boss[5] from damage
[2] Oddly enough
[3] A common problem in the 1960s
[4] Hi Aaron  :wave:
[5] Me, that is