Weight and Stuff Report – 26 July 2014

Hmmm, oddly up today. I would have expected a slight drop after a long day out, but never mind.

This weekend sees the 26th Sunderland International Air Show, an event I like to get to most years. But this year, I was wondering if I’d make it – the weather forecast suggested that today would be better than tomorrow[1], and as I’m going away on Monday, leaving it for tomorrow might result in Les in headless chicken mode sorting out his stuff before leaving, which is never a good idea. But somehow I managed to get out early enough to get the small bit of shopping I needed (a quick Frankie & Benny’s breakfast may have been involved) and get home in time to get a moderately early (though still packed) Metro to Seaburn. Last time, I was a bit later, and couldn’t get into my preferred location at the front of the lower promenade, which resulted in getting some great photos of people’s heads as they walked past me. Anyway, once off the Metro, I did my usual trick of passing all the slow moving people in front of me and managed to get a good place, near the commentary box. I was settled by 10:45, which was a bit early considering the show wasn’t due to start till 12:20, but within half an hour, the section of promenade I was on was pretty damn full of people.

The show was its usual excellent self, but I’ll put that in another post. Oh, but you’ll be wanting a photo for this post, won’t you? This is what happens when your camera is set for short exposures for fast-moving jets against a bright sky and you point it at a slow-moving bird against relatively dark water. I actually like the way this looks…

Expecting to fly?

Expecting to fly?

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/13
Shutter speed: 1/800s
Focal length: 200mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 26 July, 2014
Location: 54° 55.9098′ 0″ N 1° 21.997′ 0″ W


[1] Though this seems to have changed since I looked, mutter

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