New Doctor, New Extras

Until a few years ago, immediately after each episode of Doctor Who, there was a show called Doctor Who Confidential on BBC3. While it was variable in quality (the last series suffered from excess material due to it being stretched out to 45 minutes, if memory serves), it did offer some nice behind the scenes material. New manglement management cancelled it, which was a wee bit unpopular with fans, including me.

Since then, there has been some online material, but that’s not quite the same as an actual structured TV show, and you actually have to go looking for it.

But some moderately good news has been released today. Each episode of the new series (starts on Saturday) will be followed by a ten-minute Doctor Who Extra, available on the BBC iPlayer red button thingy. It will more than likely be available on the internet[1] for the benefit of viewers outside the UK who can’t see the iPlayer stuff[2].

BBC Announcement

[1] If not officially, I give it ten minutes maximum for someone to get it on YouTube
[2] Well, not without messing around with proxies and other such things