It must be new toys week

I’ll briefly mention the new Apple thingies before moving on to something that’s more interesting to me.

The iPhone 6 looks to be a reasonably predictable new version (new form factor, bigger, more storage at the top end of the range). I’ll have to wait until I’ve seen one in the metal and glass to be sure, but it looks a bit damn big to me. And the 6 Plus is, well, let’s just say that I am not the target market for a phone that big. I know a lot of people seem to like larger phones – Samsung and others have been doing very nicely selling such things, but it would be nice to have the option of something that will comfortably fit in a pocket. For instance, the Nokia Lumia 625 I have for work strikes me as a little bit bigger than I’d like…

Not really an issue for me, as I’m not due a new phone until next year at the earliest (and I’d have contractual reasons for maybe hanging on to my iPhone 5S for a bit longer).

The Apple Watch is, as I predicted, much more watch-like than a lot of anal-ysts[1] were suggesting. The twisty-turny thing looks like an interesting approach to having a workable UI on something so small, and the range of straps shows a lot of thought has gone into making the watch into something people might actually want to wear. Battery life is going to be the big problem – it sounds like charging every night is going to be necessary, which means having to take yet another charger with you whenever you travel. I’m used to a watch that, while not particularly smart, doesn’t need charging at all.

But all that fades into irrelevance compared to the latest announcements from Fujifilm. Two shiny new (or newish) cameras have just been announced.

First, there’s the X100T – a successor to my lovely X100S, with all the enhancements you might expect (higher resolution, WiFi, etc) and some you wouldn’t (can be charged by a USB connection from a computer, for instance). In addition to the excellent leaf shutter, the X100T adds an electronic shutter with an impressive 1/32,000sec speed. Now that could be nice for taking wide-aperture shots in bright light. Interesting, and tempting.

And there’s a tweaked version of my also lovely X-T1 – this comes with a new finish (which looks pretty) and adds that higher shutter speed, an additional film simulation and other tweaks. All very nice, but the really nice bit is that the new features will be appearing in a firmware update for the existing X-T1 model by the end of the year. There’s a load more enhancements coming, many of which are in direct response to customer feedback.

This is why I really like Fujifilm – most manufacturers restrict firmware updates to fixing the most egregious bugs, with new features being rare. And once a new model comes out, the chances of its predecessor getting upgrades fade away quicker than a thing that fades away very quickly. But Fujifilm actually support their existing customers in a way that does a lot more to encourage loyalty.

Summary is that I’ll be severely tempted by the X-100T, and I’ll be keeping (and improving my X-T1), which seems about right.

[1] I believe they’re called that because they talk out of their bottoms a lot