Fujifilm are just teasing me now

Fujifilm have a lens roadmap which they revise from time to time. One item on it that I’m interested in is the planned “super telephoto” lens, which was originally scheduled for this year, but has now slipped to late in 2015. Never mind, I can wait…

But just how super is this lens?I was thinking maybe 300mm, which would be more or less equivalent to a 450mm lens on a full frame camera. That would be nice. But perhaps not. They’ve put an image on Instagram of a mock-up of the lens. And a close look at the front shows it to be 140-400mm – that’s equivalent to 600mm on full-frame at the long end. Now it’s likely to be a wee bit heavy, but not as heavy as equivalent DSLR lenses. It’s also likely to be expensive, but I think it’ll be worth it….

And by the wonders of WordPress’s automagic embedding, here it is:

Me want.