Toy Confidential – Aled Lewis

I was alerted to this lovely bit of silliness by a selection of its contents on one of those sites that publishes lots of other people’s work with minimal credit. Fortunately, another such site did lead me to the actual source site Toy Confidential. Well, most of the actual stuff can be found on the Facebook page, which you need to look at now[1].

So what’s it all about? Well, Aled Lewis, a London-based designer type person, takes small toys, positions them in more or less silly ways and produces this lovely little images with added captions, many of which are based on geeky and general popular culture references. Others are just nicely silly.

I was so impressed that I ordered the book almost immediately[2]

You can see a small selection here. The book is nicely presented, with each picture on a separate page with a title on the back – and the pages are perforated so you could tear them out and cover a moderate area of wall with them should you be so inclined.

But whatever you do with the pages, you should at least enjoy them. Good silly fun.

[1] This may be the first time I’ve ever said that about anything on Facebook…
[2] See? I can find tuits sometimes!