September 2014 Round-up

September seems to be slinking off into the distance, so it must be time for this..


More random fluctuation this month…

September 1: 214.5 pounds (15 stone 4.5 pounds, 97.3 kg)
September 30: 217.6 pounds (15 stone 7.6 pounds, 98.7 kg)

That’s an annoyingly large rise of 3.1 pounds (1.4kg), and as happened last month, the start weight was unusually low, and today’s might just be a blip.[1]


I’ve been mostly well-behaved this month. Lunch has mostly been a single sarnie from the shop over the road from the office.


I’ve managed a few weekend walks, but not much else.


This exciting report brings the monthly total to 46, which is probably about enough


Not a lot of stuff this month.

[1] Hence my theory about the scale having malicious motives