Terry Pratchett – Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook

No, not a new Discworld novel, but a nicely silly companion piece to last year’s Raising Steam. In that book, you might recall that a lady called Mrs Bradshaw[1] was writing a useful guide for travellers on the new railway network. And here it is, more or less, give or take.

It’s a lovely book, from the distressed-looking cover[2] to the illustrations, sample notices and adverts to the descriptions of the numerous places where travellers can enjoy local cuisine and hospitality.

Travellers will be happy to know that the Thieves’ Guild offers an enhanced luggage protection service. Pay them and no licensed thief will interfere with your property. And given the Guild’s robust attitude to unlicensed thieves, you really shouldn’t have a problem.

And you might want to pay a visit to the ancient Effing Forest, habitat of the endangered Effing Great Tit[4], not to mention some local lumberjacks who’ve formed a choir. I have a suspicion that they might sing something a wee bit familiar…

There is, of course, much more.

It’s all good silly fun, and highly recommended.

[1] More of that leakage between worlds thingy
[2] This is the sort of thing I have to have in DTV[3] rather than Kindle form
[3] Dead Tree Version
[4] Now there’s an expression I don’t use often