Doctor Who – Dark Water

While I’m not planning to go into a lot of plot details, it’s likely that the random mutterings that follow will reveal some things you might prefer not to know if you haven’t seen the episode yet, so in my usual way, I’ll include this warning:

Here be spoilers!

Well, as this episode is the first of a two-parter, I won’t say much. What I will say that it’s a shame it wasn’t an option to keep the Cybermen’s presence a secret[1], as the nicely done visual hints would have been much more effective if their revelation could have been a surprise.

On the other hand, what was revealed wasn’t what I was expecting, and was a prime example of why avoiding spoilers is generally a good idea. Nicely played and misdirected[2], Mr Moffatt.

More after next week’s episode.

[1] What with filming on the streets of London and Cardiff and all that
[2] Or Missy-directed, perhaps

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