Daily Archives: Saturday, 15th Nov 2014

Weight and Stuff Report – 15 November 2014

Down a wee bit today…

It was a misty day, which inspired me to get out with the camera to try and get some atmospheric images, which might start appearing over the next few days. I started in Gateshead, walked over the Tyne Bridge, then on roughly the fourth attempt, got the Metro to Seaburn and walked along the coast to Roker. Here’s a photo of Roker Pier, in a kind of vintage postcard treatment:



Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed: 1/120s
Focal length: 41.3mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 15 November, 2014


Errrrr, still here

I just seemed to have lacked the wossnames to post anything here.

But I’ve been sent a tuit[1], so I may be able to do something about that this weekend.

[1] Hi Alf  :wave: