Crashplan makes Les happy (again)

Update: Edited this to correct my recollection that the Crashplan family service covers five computers. Silly Les forgot it’s actually ten computers.

I haven’t mentioned my choice of online backup provider, Crashplan, for a while. That’s not because they’ve done anything to upset me, it’s just that the service basically just works. Install, configure and forget. I initially signed up for a single computer account, but was lured into upgrading to the “family” account, which lets me backup my iMac, MacBook Air and the Mac Mini (not that there’s much on the Mini, but hey…) and would let me add another couple of eight computers if I had them.

I was made even happier when I found that getting a new computer and copying all my data over didn’t require a whole fresh new backup, as you might reasonably expect. Oh no, just tell the software that the new machine is a replacement, and it does a scan, and carries on as if you still had the old computer. Nice.

But they’ve just been exceptionally nice. It’s not unusual for companies to run special discount offers to attract new customers. Nothing wrong with that, and I generally only mutter a little bit when I carry on paying full price for something that new customers are getting cheaper. But the guys at Code42 seem to have an unusual attitude, which I think goes something like this:

Hey, why not try being nice to our existing customers?

And that’s what they’re doing at the moment. They’re offering a special deal for existing customers only. It’s described as a special upgrade deal to encourage people to upgrade from single user accounts to the family deal – and it’s a pretty good deal, as it’s half price. A year’s unlimited backup for up to five ten computers is available for $75 rather than the usual $149.99, which is a very good deal. Oh? You’d like more? Well, you can have two years of the same thing for $145 instead of $289.99. What’s that? You’ve already got the “family” plan, so there’s nothing to upgrade to? That’s OK, you can just extend your current contract for a year or two at the special discount rate.

Noticing that my account would be up for renewal in February next year, I thought it would be silly not to take advantage of another two years service at half price, so that’s what I did.