Weight and Stuff Report – 21 December 2014

Down again? How odd…

After yesterday’s odd bout of sleepiness, I had an early night and slept well. I was up nice and early, so I decided to pop into town nice and early to do the last odd bits of shopping I needed to do. This wasn’t an entirely sensible move, as I’d failed to account for the Sunday Trading Laws, which restrict shops bigger than a postage stamp[1] from opening for more than a few hours, which the deal with by opening later than on other days. So I was in town 40 whole minutes before any of the shops I wanted to get into opened their doors. Never mind, I had a bit of a walk around, grabbed a bacon and egg sarnie from Pret, as not expecting to be out long, I hadn’t had any breakfast, walked around a bit more then found shops opening their doors.  :yes:

Ahhhhhhh, but I’d neglected to account for the Really Silly Bit of the Sunday Trading Laws. Some shops open their doors, and let you look at stuff for half an hour (or even an hour in one case) before they can actually, you know, sell you anything. This was a wee bit annoying, and made my quick trip a great deal longer than it needed to be, but never mind. All done now.

This is an odd thing seen in Hexham, fired off from chest level without the aid of the viewfinder and just hoping for a reasonable focus. But it had to be done

Photo booth

Photo booth

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/5
Shutter speed: 1/1000s
Focal length: 14mm
ISO: 400
Taken: 13 December, 2014

Obviously a low-tech approach to the whole photo booth thingy…

[1] I may have got the details slightly wrong