Doctor Who theme – the robot version!

This is nice, and a reminder that BBC Four will be showing the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures again, starting next Monday.

I always liked to watch the lectures when I was a kid[1]. What still sticks in my mind decades later were Eric Laithwaite’s series, which if memory serves were called “The Engineer through the Looking-Glass”, which, leaving aside Laithwaite’s slightly odd ideas about gyroscopes[2], included a demonstration of the linear induction motor – the basis of maglev trains.

Anyway, they’re generally worth a  watch – aimed at kids, which means they’re ideal for adults whose science is rusty. And there’s usually an explosion or two.

[1] Yes, yes, once a geek always a geek, etc…
[2] As I recall, he believed some odd extra force was being generated. I don’t think he ever convinced anyone