December 2014 Round-up

Ah. December appears to be giving up and going home, which means it has to be time for the ever-popular monthly summary.


It’s been another month of fluctuations

December 1: 217 pounds (15 stone 7 pounds, 98.4 kg)
December 31 : 216.7 pounds (15 stone 6.7 pounds, 98.3 kg)

That’s a statistically insignificant drop of 0.3 pounds (0.1kg). But at least it’s not a rise…


Well, it’s December, innit? Office party, meals with suppliers, Christmas in Wales, etc, etc….


Some moderate walks, but could do better….


The total, once I’ve done the annual thingy to follow this monthly thingy, will be 42, which is more or less average for this year.


Apart form the Hexham photowalk, it’s been a mostly uneventful month, which is quite normal…