Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 Blu-ray

Observant readers might have noticed that it’s been a while[1] since I talked about ST:TNG Season 5. Well, there were a couple of reasons for that. First, there was a bit of a wait for season six to be released, and then it took a while for it to reach the top of my “to watch” pile. Oh, and now it’s taken a while for me to get around to writing this. So that’s three reasons. Unless I can think of any more…

But I digress[2]. This is another strong season, with some excellent episodes such as:

Relics, which sees the return of Scotty from the original series, who’s just as much fun as you might hope.

Chain of Command, a two-parter which involves Picard being captured by the Cardassians[3] and tortured by a particularly nasty example of the species.

Tapestry, in which Q takes Picard back to an earlier point in his life and gives him the chance to change something he did as a young man. This proves to be a non-optimal decision.

Frame of Mind, in which Riker has a slight problem working out what is and isn’t real. And has some really spiffy visual effects.

In addition to the revived extras from the DVD version, there’s a new three-part documentary with all the usual suspects talking about making the show.

Good stuff.

If by any chance you haven’t been buying these single-season sets, you might want to hang on – there’s a full series set available, which will be a wee bit cheaper.

[1] Over a year, even…
[2] Frequently
[3] Captured in a manner that is a bit convoluted, but I’ll let that pass…

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