Weight and Stuff Report – 31 January 2015

A negligible alteration today…

After the usual breakfast and shopping, I headed out to buy some bits, and possibly bobs. While I got the bits I’d planned to buy, I had a bit of a double fail in buying some things I hadn’t actually planned on.

First, the sad story of the dragon. I’d noticed the interesting Edge Sculpture items a few times, but while I liked the style very much, there hadn’t been any that really appealed to me as things I’d want to own, due to a combination of size, price and subject. But then I saw The Dragon. Not just any old dragon, but a proper red Welsh-style dragon  :wales:  A nice size to fit on a shelf, and reduced in price from a bit more than I’d really want to pay to a moderately tempting £55. To see its niceness, you’ll need to look on the Edge site, where there’s a large photo available.

Well, I was sufficiently tempted and decided that I should have it. I was thinking of what a lovely photographic subject it would make, quite apart from looking pretty cool. As it happened, the only one in the shop was the display model, but that was OK – it looked to be in perfect condition. But while they were putting it into its box, disaster struck – one of its wings broke  :wah:  So I didn’t get my dragon after all.

And talking of photography, I had a play with the Fujifilm X100T in Jessops. And as their price was just a wee bit cheaper than elsewhere, I persuaded myself that I should probably have one. But that didn’t work because they didn’t have stock of the all black one, which I wanted to match my X-T1 (it’s a minor thing, but if you’re spending that kind of money on a camera, getting the exact one you want seems reasonable to me). So I didn’t get my camera either.

So I came home, did the washing and defrosted the freezer before it developed serious icebergs…

Today’s photo is of part of Portcawl beach which has decided to take up residence on the promenade. It’s been generally mucked about with[2] to give it that tone.

Washed up

Washed up

Camera: X100S
Aperture: ƒ/2
Shutter speed: 1/60s
Focal length: 23mm
ISO: 320
Taken: 24 January, 2015

[1] Note: if you’re using AdBlock or similar, you probably won’t see it.
[2] Technical photography expression

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