The spammers are getting poetic again

Every now and again, I think Akismet[1] has a bit of a rest and doesn’t immediately flag spammy comments[2] as spam, leaving me to approve or ban them[3]. It’s a rare enough occurrence for it not to be a problem, and I always have a look.

One turned up today. Judging by the URL[4], it might be about wallpaper borders, but given the text, it could be all sorts of things. Here it is, complete with the line breaks that are in the original:

you can also swap them in any part of your
house as and when required. That is, furnished of program,
that you don’t listen to the distinctively one of a kind piece calling
your title. The good news is if you didn’t notice it right away, others
probably won’t either.

It looks like it was either translated from one language to another a few times before English was attempted. Either that, or it’s the latest in Vogon poetry.  But it’s probably right in suggesting that you don’t listen to the distinctively one of a kind piece.

[1] That’s the service that checks comments for spammy characteristics
[2] I rarely get any other kind these days. More people seem to comment on a certain social networking site than here.
[3] Or I could just click the “check for spam” button which generally makes them go away
[4] Which I’m obviously not including here