Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 Blu-ray

What’s this? Just over a month since I got round to muttering about the previous ST:TNG set and I’m already on to the final one? Will wonders never cease?

This is a bit more variable in quality than Season 6, to be honest. There was a bit of a problem in that at the same time this was being made, Deep Space Nine was running, Voyager was being developed, as was the Generations movie, which may have led to a bit of a struggle to get it together to make a full set of episodes. But there is still a lot to enjoy, such as Lower Decks, which sees things from the perspective of some junior officers hoping for promotion. In The Pegasus, we get a bit of unexpected backstory for Riker.

The highlight is, of course, the finale, All Good Things…, which ties things up nicely by looking back to the first episode and forward to a not very ideal future, with Picard moving around in time thanks to the manipulations of the ever-annoying Q. Mumble years on, and it still stands up as Good Stuff.

Extras include a new three-part documentary covering the making of the final season, with all the usual suspects present and correct. There’s also a TV promo film made at the time which is a thing of its time, shall we say. And there’s the last bit of recycled material from the DVD release.

So there it is, all wrapped up and over. Will Deep Space Nine and Voyager get the same treatment? It seems deeply undecided so far…