Watch it…

Yes, the gory details of the Apple Watch have been announced. As with any v1 product, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s something I want or need (early iPhones didn’t impress me, and the first generation iPad I had tended not to get used much, unlike its newer and smaller successor).

the starting price of $349 (which will probably end up as £300, what with VAT and  so on) is for the smaller version of the basic finish. Prices then start rising entertainingly depending on the type of strap chosen.

Then there’s the silly versions, for which I (and most people in general) are really not the target market: the gold “Edition”, which comes in at $10,000. Now I understand that people who have a gold fetish or a watch fetish might spend that sort of money on a fancy watch, though it’s not something I could imagine doing myself. But a smartwatch is going to be replaced by a new model in a year or two. Will people buy a new one every few years? Well, they might at £300 or even £500, but I can’t see people replacing their chunky lumps of gold that often.

All quite odd. More thoughts when I’ve actually seen one.

Oh, and the new ultra-slim MacBook? Sort of nice, but very much like the first MacBook Air – low powered, and sort of awkward. Having only one port means you’ll need adaptors, extra cables and general mess if you need to connect anything at all. So, I’m not the market for that one either.