March 2015 Round-up

Well, that’s enough of March, but before it goes, here’s the summary


It’s been a month of ups and downs, so I wouldn’t read much into this

March 1: 219.7 pounds (15 stone 9.7 pounds, 99.7 kg)
March 31 : 215.5 pounds (15 stone 5.5 pounds, 97.8 kg)

That’s a lurgy-influenced fall of 4.2 pounds (1.9kg). Though if I was using yesterday’s low, it would be an even more impressive 6.8 pounds (3.1kg). Probably won’t last…


Yeah, did some of that. Except last weekend, when I mostly didn’t.


Not a lot this month. Must do more. Or something.


Another fairly quiet month – just 42 posts including this one


Errr, not a lot to say this month. Maybe more next time…