You are here: Around the World in 92 Minutes

Commander Chris Hadfield should be well-known to most people. During a tour of duty on the International Space Station, he did a lot of good things in the area of engaging public interest. Tweeting from space, playing Space Oddity while in space and generally being interesting.

While he was up there, he took a lot of photographs of the planet below, and a good selection of them (and some by other people) are collected in this excellent book. Now I’ve read it (well, there’s not a lot of text, but there are a lot of photographs), I’d actually say it’s worth the hardback cover price of £20, but as it’s generally available for around £7, it’s a bargain.

Chris includes images organised by continent, showing nature, cities, things that look like other things, things that are hard to work out without being told what they are, and more.

Highly recommended.