Weight and Stuff Report – 14 April 2015

Weight: 211.8 pounds (15 stone 1.8 pounds, 96.1 kg)
Steps taken: 2,435

OK, today’s drop in weight is definitely a temporary wossname of some kind,no doubt related to a combination of the cold/cough/lurgy and the scale having its usual little game, but, taking it for what it says it is, it’s a new low for the year. And for last year. And indeed for several more. It is in fact my lowest weight since February and March 2008[1]. Which is quite a long time ago, all things considered.

And changing the subject completely, here’s a photo of the Siren statue at Sandgate. She’s looking towards the Millennium Bridge, or possibly at the River God statue who’s in her line of sight…



Camera X100S
Aperture ƒ/8
Shutter speed 1/680s
Focal length 23mm
ISO 400
Taken 12:23, 8 April, 2015

[1] Yes, I keep records. I a quite large spreadsheet….