Weight and Stuff Report – 18 April 2015

Back up a bit today, not surprising after yesterday’s new low.

Well, the expected two long days in Teesside turned into half a day in Teesside – the boss made the (very sensible) decision that we’d be better off not attempting to do all the work we’d expected to do on Friday and today in the time available, especially as we hadn’t been able to test what we have done with actual people connected. So we got to a sensible point, stopped and went home. We’ll be back next week….

Here’s a photo from a while back – a nicely reflected boat:



Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/5.3
Shutter speed: 1/30s
Focal length: 66.2mm
ISO: 500
Taken: 6 December, 2014