Weight and Stuff Report – 24 April 2015

What? Back down again today? Whatever next?

I had a “fun”[1] morning, which involved getting into work outrageously early to power on all the things that weren’t supposed to have lost power when somebody did something, but did anyway. As this involved leaving the house without breakfast, after I’d got everything sorted out and settled down I got a sausage sandwich from the excellent Good Times sandwich shop on Grey Street.

After that, it was off to Teesside for more of the work postponed form last week. Once we’d reached the point where there wasn’t any more to be done while people were in the office,  we took an early finish, which meant I was home nicely early for once, which gave me plenty of time to do tomorrow’s shopping and washing. Well, the washing is still going, but you know what I mean.[2]

Today’s photo is another view of Newcastle’s Guildhall:



Camera: X100S
Aperture: ƒ/8
Shutter speed: 1/550s
Focal length: 23mm
ISO: 800
Taken: 8 April, 2015

This one has been given a good going over in Lightroom – I was impressed with how much detail in the sky appeared when I reduced the highlights…


[1] With a capital FU……
[2] Any suggestion that I’m writing this tomorrow will be unconvincingly denied