April 2015 Round-up

In a quite shocking development, April has decided it’s had enough and is departing, which can only mean it’s time for the ever-popular monthly summary thingy.


The dreaded coughing lurgy (still not quite gone away, but now reduced to being mildly annoying) is probably responsible for much of this, but here goes:

April 1: 215.1 pounds (15 stone 5.1 pounds, 97.6 kg)
April 30 : 213.5 pounds (15 stone 3.5 pounds, 96.8 kg)

That’s a fall of 3.9 pounds (1.8kg), which is roughly the same as last month. If April had decided to wander off ten days earlier, it would have been even more impressive. But it didn’t, so this will have to do.


I was definitely eating less for the first week or two of coughing. This seems to be returning more or less to normal now…


I’m pretty sure that coughing counts. I did lots of that. The middle of the night sessions were particularly effective.


Another fairly quiet month – just 39 posts including this one


Had some busy times at work, but didn’t get up to much else. I blame the coughing.