Weight and Stuff Report – 2 May 2015

Back up a bit today, mutter…

Having done the washing and shopping yesterday, I had today completely free, and while the weather wasn’t all that impressive, I decided to get out and about. I took myself and the X-T1 to York. Acts of photography were committed. Museums were visited. More of that later, as tuits allow, but first here’s something I spotted at Newcastle station. It looks like they’re refurbishing the toilets on one of the platforms. They’re closed off, and in that way people have these days, the contractors have put up a big sign which goes on at some length about their health and safety/being responsible policies. There’s all the expected stuff about not driving or operating machinery while drunk, and about making sure you know how to use things before actually using them, which seems quite sensible, but I was a little perplexed by this bit:

Don't code and drive

Don’t code and drive

Camera: iPhone 5s
Aperture: ƒ/2.2
Shutter speed: 1/120s
Focal length: 4.15mm
ISO: 64
Taken: 2 May, 2015
Location: 54° 58.0952′ 0″ N 1° 36.9512′ 0″ W

OK, the bottom bit is a bit obvious, what with those being legal requirements. The top bit starts well enough – not talking on the phone while driving, even on hands-free seems like a good policy. But, but. who the photon “programmes” a mobile device while driving? Leaving aside the little matter that in UK English, it’s usual to use the US-style “program” spelling for writing software, it does seem like a bizarre thing to ban. So presumably it’s Ok to have play some games or watch a video or two on a mobile device, so long as you don’t actually attempt to develop any new apps….