Public Service Broadcasting – Go!

I’d heard bits of the first Public Service Broadcasting album when it came out in 2013, but somehow never got round to checking out the whole thing. It was an interesting concept – taking archive sound recordings (typically, but not exclusively, from public service announcements) and blending them into a musical wossname that turned out to be rather appealing. This is that first album:

Give it a listen[1] – there’s much to enjoy.

What prompted me to return to the album was the recent release of their second album, The Race for Space:

This a somewhat different thing. It is, in fact, dare I say it… A Concept Album. And the concept is a fine one, as the title and cover art suggest. Taking in JFK’s “We choose to go to the Moon…” speech, Apollo 8’s first manned orbit of the Moon, and much more. Currently promoted track is the quite lovely Go!, which covers the Apollo 11 landing. Here it is: enjoy.


[1] I’ve had it on Spotify for a while