Weight and Stuff Report – 11 May 2015

Weight: 210 pounds (15 stone, 95.3 kg)
Steps taken: 3,456

Back down after the weekend oddness. And talking of going down, that’s what my work trousers have been in danger of doing lately. So, it was time to dig into the wardrobe and recover the smaller ones I used to wear before my width got too much for them. And yay, a couple of pairs fit nicely (rather more nicely than ones I’ve been wearing), so I’ve put them in the  wash, and once they’ve been through that and a quick session on the ironing board, I’ll be wearing smaller trousers again. Still a size or two larger than I’d like to be, but it’s progress. 😎

Here’s another bus:

Nice guy

Nice guy

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/5.6
Shutter speed 1/350s
Focal length 20.8mm
ISO 200
Taken 12:05, 4 May, 2015