June 2015 Round-up

Oh, this is getting redickerous! That’s 2015 half-over already! Which means it must be time for the special monthly treat that you’ve all been looking forward to. If you’re a bit strange, that is. Yes, it’s time for the summary that saves you reading the rest of the nonsense I post here. Though you could skip this and wait for the annual report, I suppose….

Anyway, enough of that, and on with the show:


There have been some slightly wild fluctuations this month, with a brief dip to a hard to believe low and am almost as brief rise to an all-too believable high. But things seem to have settled down now.

June 1: 206.7 pounds (14 stone 10.7 pounds, 93.8 kg)
June 30: 205.9 pounds (14 stone 9.9 pounds, 93.4 kg)

That’s a not particularly impressive fall of 0.8 pounds (0.4kg). Not as good as in the last few months, but I have been on holiday, so there.


Did I mention having been on holiday? Lots of nice big breakfasts, some meals out. And so on and indeed so forth…


Some moderate walking, but not all that much.


I do seem to have settled into not posting so much – just 36 this month.


With two trips to Wales, a lot of photography has been committed this month. I’ve also added a new camera, a new lens and shiny new firmware that almost makes another new camera. Much more about all of those as tuits permit.