Weight and Stuff Report – 4 July 2015

Back down a bit today. There was some serious rain overnight, but it stopped in plenty of time for me to go out. I started in Newcastle, where I took a few photos and visited the Laing Art Gallery.

My aim was seeing the For Ever Amber exhibition – a display of some of the Amber Collective’s extensive collection of photographs – it’s there partly as a commemoration of their work, and partly to stop photography fans getting too upset while the Side Gallery is being upgraded. There’s some great work there – some familiar, some not so, and it’s worth a look if you’re interested in photography, the north east, or indeed life in general.

As I was there, I paid the required £5 to see the touring British Museum exhibition Picture This, which shows a variety of illustrations from children’s literature. Interesting and fun, if a little expensive…

After the Laing, I took a couple more photos, including this one of the the pillars under Bewick Court, the tower block that sits above John Dobson Street. I can only presume this is related to the planned changes to make the road a cycle-friendly area, or something like that. Or it’s meant to scare the pigeons.

Is it Art?

Is it Art?

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/7.1
Shutter speed 1/200s
Focal length 27.9mm
ISO 3200
Taken 12:59, 4 July, 2015

By this time, the clouds were clearing, so I took the Metro to Whitley Bay, where I had an opportunity to test the improved autofocus in the X-T1. There was a quite impressive mist along the coast, which meant that the lighthouse was very hard to see. But the camera managed to lock onto it, and Lightroom managed to make it appear a lot clearer than it did in reality:

Out of the mist

Out of the mist

Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/13
Shutter speed 1/240s
Focal length 135mm
ISO 200
Taken 14:10, 4 July, 2015

After a bit of a walk along the coast, I took the bus back to Newcastle and came home. And here I am.

More photos over the next few days…