Rivers of London – the comic book

Rivers of London

Rivers of London

I mentioned Ben Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant books not that long ago. Oh. Well, it might have been in January, but I suppose that’s not too long on a cosmic scale, or a getting a probe to Pluto scale, but probably longer than the average reader’s attention span. Anyway, having listened to and read them all, I’m looking forward to the next one which is due in November or thereabouts. I’ll be reversing my approach this time, going for the Kindle version before the Audible one, but I suspect I’ll do both. Reading them is fun and highly recommended, but the readings are so well done that they’re unmissable.

Anyway, enough of the digression. A while back Ben announced that he was working on a comic book series set in the Rivers of London world. He’s co-writing with Andrew Cartmel, whose name will be familiar to Doctor Who fans of a certain vintage, with art[1], colouring[2] and lettering[3] by other people (see, I know nothing of how comic books work – I was vaguely aware that words and pictures were generally by different people, but had no idea the work got divided up like that). And in a delightfully sensible move, we’re not talking about an adaptation of the existing books, but an all-new story fitting between books four (Broken Homes) and five (Foxglove Summer). Good plan.

Anyway, I popped into Forbidden Planet (where I often go to look at and occasionally buy Doctor Who stuff) and bought a copy of the first issue – Body Work, Chapter 1. And you know what? I like it.

Characters are introduced for the benefit of new readers, but there’s plenty there that you’ll need to know the books to get – such as the registration number of Peter’s car being  ASB 01, which I’m not going to explain because you should read the books, so there.  :tongue:

The art is pleasing to my eyes, the dialogue is snappy, and the little bits of narration are perfectly in keeping with the style of the books.  Good stuff, and I’ll be getting the next one as soon as it’s out.

Oh, and you get extra features, too. But you’ll have to buy it to find out about those.

Details from Titan Comics

[1] Lee Sullivan
[2] Luis Guerrero
[3] Rona Simpson

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  1. John Hendricks

    Sounds very cool and I need some good summer reading.. I see we have both Rivers of London and Midnight Riot at our local library….

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