Weight and Stuff Report – 31 July 2015

Up again today, and that’ll have to do for the next few days, as we’ll be reverting to weightless reports again from tomorrow. It’s another fun weekend of work in Bristol, and this time, I won’t have the chance to pop over to Wales for a break, mutter.

I set off with Aaron at 1:43 and we arrived in Bristol a little over five hours later. We located our hotel (not the usual one, as that was fully booked, but the substitute turned out to be quite nice, closer to the office and therefore quite suitable), checked in and then went out in search of food. We settled on Tikka Flame, an award winning Indian restaurant, which turned out to be a good choice. Poppadoms: light, crisp and not even remotely greasy. Onion bhaji: nicely spiced, and also lighter and crisper than is often the case. My chicken tikka jalfrezi (something I haven’t seen before) was nicely hot, and the garlic naan had decent quantities of visible garlic on it. And it was also lighter and crisper than is often the case. Aaron seemed to be happy with his chicken tikka masala, and the pilau rice was just fine too. A couple of beers completed it nicely. And then we came back to the hotel, ready for a rest, a good night’s sleep and loads of work tomorrow and Sunday…

Here’s another air show photo:

La patrouille reva

La patrouille reva

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/10
Shutter speed: 1/680s
Focal length: 140mm
ISO: 200
Taken: 25 July, 2015

Here we see La patrouille reva flying three Rutan[1] VarEze planes. I don’t recall seeing this design before – they looked quite strange in flight, especially as the props weren’t visible to the naked eye.

[1] Doctor Who fans will be wondering if the Sontarans are next….