Weight and Stuff Report – 19 August 2015

Weight: 205.8 pounds (14 stone 9.8 pounds, 93.4 kg)
Steps taken: 3,514

Back up today, mutter. I had an appallingly early start to follow yesterday’s late finish, as we had to put back all the things we disconnected last night. And there was another late (though not quite so late) finish tonight. And more of the same tomorrow. Fun. Not.

Today’s picture is a special treat for someone:



Camera X-T1
Aperture ƒ/9
Shutter speed 1/140s
Focal length 62.4mm
ISO 6400
Taken 14:56, 15 August, 2015
Location 54° 37.4443′ 0″ N 1° 37.8072′ 0″ W