Weight and Stuff Report – 29 August 2015

Hmmm, up again, if the scale is to be believed.

It was a fun start to the long weekend. Well, no, it wasn’t. It was a long day at work to start the long weekend. Most of my day was spent reconfiguring server stuff while Aaron assembled some chairs. We rounded off the day by moving loads of computers back on to the newly rearranged and re-topped desks before deciding to stop while we were both still capable of moving.

Tomorrow, it’ll be recabling the desks and putting all the computers back together. Then testing everything to make sure nothing’s too broken. This will probably spill over to Monday, but we’re hoping to get some of the day off, before returning to work on Tuesday to deal with all the issues arising from the work we’ve done.

This train is a little past its best:

Past its best

Past its best

Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/9
Shutter speed: 1/500s
Focal length: 41.3mm
ISO: 640
Taken: 15 August, 2015
Location: 54° 37.4855′ 0″ N 1° 37.9578′ 0″ W