Lytro Light Field Camera

A few years ago, an expensive toy appeared. A camera that didn’t look much like a camera, but which had an interesting feature – the ability to change the focus point of images after they’d been taken. It was a bit of a novelty, and while I was interested, I wasn’t convinced by the price of around £400. Since then, the manufacturer has discontinued the un-cameralike camera, and brought out a much more cameralike one at an eye-watering price. But the good news is that the old model can still be bought at around £100 (somewhat less in the US, I understand). Well, once I found that out, I cracked and bought one. It arrived just before last weekend’s work “fun”, so I only had the time, energy and inclination for a quick look. But I’ve now started to play with it, and I can see it’s going to be fun.

There’s an old, never-updated WordPress plugin that allows the “living images” to be embedded into posts – users can benefit from a built-in embed feature, which would be welcome, but never mind. The Jetpack plugin can now embed Lytro images into posts – just paste in the URL and it appears. Here’s a quick test image – if you click on the various pens and things, you should see the focus change. It’s an interesting effect, and I can see some serious playing will be needed to get the best out of this:

More images as I create them…