Sonic simplification

Very nearly a year ago, I replaced my rather large and cumbersome sound system (receiver, surround speakers, subwoofer) with a Yamaha soundbar[1] – a YAS-93, if you’d like to know the details. This sits in front of the TV (and is low enough not to block the screen, if you’re wondering) and provides more than adequate sound output without having loads of cables trailing all over the place. It was also a great deal cheaper than the previous kit..

But I’d still managed to make things more complicated than I needed to. The soundbar takes digital inputs, and I quite sensibly used one to directly connect my Blu-Ray player, but that left only one for the TiVo, the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV thingies, and as swapping connectors isn’t my idea of fun, I got myself a bunch more optical cables and something that I didn’t know existed until I looked, an optical switch, which allowed me to select an input from its remote control, or indeed, my trusty Logitech Harmony, which is still doing its job nicely.

I’m not sure why I did that, really. All I actually needed to do was to connect a single optical lead from the back of the TV to the soundbar. Perhaps I’d convinced myself that the TV didn’t actually have an optical out, and had somehow missed it when looking at the back of the TV and browsing its manual. Anyway, I gave it a try this afternoon, and it works perfectly well.

And a further test showed no difference at all between connecting the Blu-Ray through its dedicated optical lead and via the TV[2], so I’ve removed that as well.

All of this required a little bit of fiddling with the settings on my Logitech remote, but that was easy enough.

And all this simplification means that when the time comes to replace my TV (current plan is not to bother until the current one dies), changing over will be that wee bit easier.

[1] I’d include the traditional Amazon product image, but apparently they won’t allow the associate linky thing to point at it for some reason.

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