Kindle app – oooooooh

As unicorns regular readers might recall, I’m quite fond of my Amazon Kindle – I’m currently using the Paperwhite I got a few years back, as I haven’t been tempted by the newer hardware (and any temptation I might have felt was driven into the wilderness by a recent automagic firmware update, which made my Kindle much the same as the newer ones). On occasion, I’ve used the Kindle app on my iPhone, but it always felt a bit cramped – with the text at a comfortable size, there just wasn’t very much of it on the screen, so page turns were rather more frequent than seemed sensible. So, it ended up being an emergency only thing.

But while I was on a bus today, it struck me that with the bigger screen on the iPhone 6S, it might be worth a try. And it most definitely was. Lovely clear text, at a size easy to read with the phone held comfortably, and enough on a page to be worth reading. It’ll never replace my actual Kindle for longer reading sessions (like long train journeys), but for going to and from work it’ll do just fine, meaning I’ll have less to carry around with me. Yay.

This is what a page looks like:



Unless you’ve got a Retina or other very high resolution screen, the image above will be larger than that on the phone, but you should get the idea.

And if you’re intrigued by the text, a book review may be forthcoming once I get to the end.