September 2015 Round-up

Oh dear, that seems to be the end of another month, so it must be time for this. Sorry, that’s just the way we do things here…


More ups and downs this month, but mostly ups, it seems:

September 1: 208 pounds (14 stone 12 pounds, 94.3 kg)
September 30: 212.6 pounds (15 stone 2.6 pounds, 96.4 kg)

That’s a rather large rise of 4.6 pounds, (2.1kg). Oooops.


Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, so I’m not sure where all those pounds came from..


Ummm, not a lot. Far too many lunchtimes where I haven’t even managed a short walk.


More posts this month, but still quiet.


New phone  :tigger:  and some other stuff I need to write about when I find some tuits.