October 2015 Round-up

Hmmm, October seems to have given up on this whole “being a month” thing, and is about to skulk off, so it must be time for the every-popular monthly summary thingy.


It’s been another month of wide variations, with some possible silliness from the scale’s undocumented RNG[1] mode:

October 1: 212.3 pounds (15 stone 2.3 pounds, 96.3 kg)
October 31: 211.5 pounds (15 stone 1.5 pounds, 95.9 kg)

That’s a statistically insignificant decrease of 0.8 pounds (0.4kg). But that’s better than last month’s rise, so I’ll call it good…


Yeah, I’ve done some of that.


Ummm, not a lot. Far too many lunchtimes where I haven’t even managed a short walk. but I have managed a couple of little photo expeditions. More to come, possibly…


This report brings the monthly total to the auspicious value of 42, which is relatively high by this year’s standards.


Not a lot. More things to report later. Probably…

[1] Random Number Generator