Doctor Who – Sleep No More

While I’m not planning to go into a lot of plot details, it’s likely that the random mutterings that follow will reveal some things you might prefer not to know if you haven’t seen the episode yet, so in my usual way, I’ll include this warning:

Here be spoilers!

Now that was a wee bit different. Doctor Who as a found footage movie, with the footage assembled to maximise confusion and misdirection.

Some nice backward references, such as the classic

When I say, run, run…

And when the Doctor insists that he should be the one to give names to monsters, he says

It’s like the Silurians all over again

it was a deeply strange episode, as you might expect from Mark Gatiss. I’ve watched it twice now, and I’m still not entirely sure what actually happened, what was invented by the villain, and even if the Doctor and Clara were really there. This is going to be one fans will be arguing about for years, I suspect….

Coming up next week, the return of an old friend, and a not so old, maybe not a friend. Probably.