Weight and Stuff Report – 26 November 2015

Weight: 214.6 pounds (15 stone 4.6 pounds, 97.3 kg)
Steps taken: 3,398

A small rise today, but as it’s a very small one, I’ll ignore it.

In my London walk last weekend, I managed to get a few interesting photos (would have been better with the X-T1, but never mind). This is a part of the Horses of Helios sculpture at the junction of Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket, and a rare instance of me using camera flash:

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Camera XF1
Aperture ƒ/6.4
Shutter speed 1/20s
Focal length 8mm
ISO 1600
Taken 17:01, 22 November, 2015