November 2015 Round-up

Wait, what? Has November had enough already? Can it really be the end of another month? If that’s the case, that means it’s time for this old thing: the essential monthly summary that saves you from reading the rest of the nonsense posted here. Though if you’re really into post avoidance, I’d wait a month and get the annual summary…


More ups and downs, with a bias towards the former:

November 1: 213.8 pounds (15 stone 3.8 pounds, 97 kg)
November 30: 215 pounds (15 stone 5 pounds, 97.5 kg)

That’s a moderate rise of 1.2 pounds (0.5kg). But as I’ve had daily variations bigger than that, I’m not reading anything into it.


I have done a bit of eating, yes. I may even have had a bacon sarnie last weekend.


Well, there was some Epic Walkage in London, but I’ve been remarkably inactive most days – I seem to lack the motivation to go far at lunchtimes most days.


A lowly 41 posts this month, but as the month is a whole day shorter than some, that probably accounts for it.


More toy reports need to be posted.