Ups and downs

Hmmmm. Looks like we’re currently operational…

I got some alerts from Pingdom[1] this morning telling me that Losing it was down. Having done all that server updating yesterday, my first thought was that I had broken it after all. My second thought was that it was more likely a routing issue between Pingdom and my Linode.

So, rather than struggling with a site that might or might not be up, I had a  look at the Linode console, which told me that they were aware of a problem affecting access. Further looking at their status blog showed that the problem was apparently a DDoS attack affecting their London datacentre, which is where my virtual server lives.

Seems to be back now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it drops off again.

[1] Useful service that sends alerts by email, SMS and Twitter if a monitored site goes down. There’s a basic free version (which does the job for me) and various more fancy versions that you have to pay for. Worth a look if you want to know when your sites are broken