December 2015 Round-up

Well, December is heading off into history, so it must be time for this old thing to appear


More random fluctuations:

December 1: 214.8 pounds (15 stone 4.8 pounds, 97.4 kg)
December 31: 212.5 pounds (15 stone 2.5 pounds, 96.4 kg)

That’s an actual drop of 2.3 pounds (1kg), which isn’t too bad. Well, if I could do that on a regular basis, I’d  be doing quite well….


I have done a bit of eating, yes. I may even have had a bacon sarnie last weekend.


I’ve managed a few walks, but nothing particularly significant.


The final December total is still subject to revision, but it looks like being a moderately sane 45.


I really must get it together to post about some thingies. Maybe in 2016…