Downgraded, and it didn’t hurt a bit

I’ve been using Linode for my web hosting for over five years now, and apart from the recent DDoS frustration[1], it’s been a pleasant experience. One of the pleasant bits is that they periodically upgrade their plans – giving customers more storage, or more RAM or more processing power for no extra money at all.

Having spent some time recently doing some software upgrades, it occurred to me that following all the virtual hardware upgrades, my server was now over-specified for what I actually need. And it occurred to me that I could downgrade to the next lower plan and save a bit of money. Well, effectively halve my monthly bill….

And so yesterday, I did just that. Having a nicely set up virtual infrastructure, Linode make it insanely easy to change your plan at any time. So long as your allocated disks aren’t bigger than those provided in the smaller plan[2], it’s simply a matter of selecting the plan and watching your server shut down and be copied to a new virtual machine, which you can power on when you’re ready.

In my case, this took not much over five minutes from clicking the button to starting the server.

When I logged back in to check things over, I noticed that I was using 90% of the disk, which isn’t ideal, but after deleting some old backups[3], and resizing the disk to the maximum allowed on my new plan, I’ve got that to a more useful 58%.

And the really nice thing about Linode is that while they bill monthly, charging is by the hour, so I’ve been credited for the price difference for the rest of the month.

[1] And my actual downtime was much less than I’ve experienced with previous providers under similar circumstances, so I’m happy enough with their ability to cope with problems
[2] I’d never got around to allocating the last disk increase, so I was nicely within the limit
[3] Note to self: you really should delete those daily database backup files

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