A slight memory issue

No, not me forgetting things. I’m so used to that happening that I forget all about it.  :rofl:

This is more of a software thingy. I follow a variety of sites (general tech, photography, web comics, etc etc) through their RSS feeds (yes, it’s still a thing). And for a long time my software of choice has been NetNewsWire. Well, when NetNewsWire stopped doing the synchronisation thing, I used a few other things, but never found one as much to my liking. So when it was relaunched a while ago with a sync service, I was happy to switch back.

And it works nicely, for the most part. Occasionally something funny happens with some subscribed sites, which involves a load of old posts (sometimes going back a few years) suddenly appearing as unread, but that’s a minor issue.

But yesterday, I noticed that both NetNewsWire and my iMac generally seemed a little sluggish. A quick look in Activity Monitor suggested a possible cause:

How much?!

How much?!

Yes, that’s one app using a quite impressive 41.87GB of memory, which is quite impressive.  Closing NetNewsWire and restarting it seems to have made the problem go away for now, but I can see I’ll have to keep an eye on it.