New Fujifilm Toys

Hmmmm, nice new kit just announced by Fujifilm.

The big one is the long-anticipated X-Pro2, which takes the original X-series interchangeable lens model and adds pretty much everything people have been asking for – higher resolution improved sensor, better autofocus, better ergonomics, and pretty much better everything. This places it clearly at the top of their range and it’s going to be popular. I think I’ll hang on to the X-T1, though, as I’d miss the articulated screen and enormous viewfinder.

There’s a new X-E2S, which is, as you might guess, an enhanced and improved replacement for the excellent X-E2 that I enjoyed before I got the X-T1.

All very nice, but the new toy I’m after is the seriously long-awaited super telephoto. This has a range of 100-400mm, and is compatible with the 1.4x teleconverter that I already have, taking its long end to a very useful 560mm. And it comes with Fujifilm’s rather good image stabilisation – five stops of it! This means that despite being a quite large lens, using it hand-held isn’t a silly idea. It’s a wee bit expensive, and stock isn’t expected to reach suppliers until next month. My Cunning Plan is to sell some lenses I don’t really use to fund part of the eye-watering price….