I’ve been using Evernote on and off for mumble years now – the first time I came across it and muttered about it was back in 2008, when it was still in beta. It’s one of those things that I use when I remember to[1], and find quite useful, especially when it’s combined with Skitch, which I’ve been using more consistently for a similar length of time. Evernote taking over Skitch a few years later looked like a perfect fit, and all has been lovely since then.

So I was a bit alarmed when I saw a report which suggested that Evernote were dropping Skitch. It’s not that I couldn’t replace it with something else if I had to, so much as I know how to us it without thinking about it, and I’d have to work on anything else to get the same ease of use.

The good news (for me) is that the Mac version of Skitch (where it started) will still be supported and developed, but I do have to wonder how long that will go on…

Source: Evernote to end support for Clearly, Evernote for Pebble, and versions of Skitch – Evernote Blog

[1] Apparently some people are so organised that they remember to use the tools they need to keep themselves organised. I have to set myself reminders to set myself reminders….