Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

I mentioned in my post about the Fujifilm battery grip that I’d moved from a wrist strap to the more usual neck kind.

Well, what I actually went for was something a bit more flexible – like the wrist strap, it’s made by Peak Design and uses their innovative Anchor Link connectors. These are great – you can leave the little connectors permanently connected to each camera you use and attach the strap when you need it. So I can move a single strap between cameras without wrestling with the usual horrible connections, or change from the wrist strap to the neck strap in a moment. I can also move the strap connection from the main body of the X-T1 to the battery grip for the best balance, depending on what I’m doing at the time, as I’ve got Anchor Links attached to all three points.

There’s also a tripod plate which allows the strap to be used in sling mode – something I’ve tried previously, but found required too much adjustment to be all that useful to me.

If you want to wear your toys over one shoulder, there’s a nicely grippy section on the reverse side – the idea is you don’t use that when the camera is around your neck, and flip it over when you move to shoulder carrying.

The strap itself is made of good quality strong webbing material – seatbelt stuff, so it’s not likely to break any time soon. Length adjustment involves Peak’s well designed locking connectors – flip up the bar, pull strap to your preferred length and put the bar down again.

This is a well-made strap that offers enough options to suit most camera users. Compatibility with other Peak products makes it even more useful. Worth a try.

There is a heavier-duty model for bigger cameras – this particular one is aimed at users of CSCs and smaller DSLRs.