Stuff Report – 21 March 2016

Bother, seem to have forgotten the scale thingy today. Either that, or it didn’t transmit this morning’s weight, which is also possible. Watch out for tomorrow’s exciting[1] figure!

You might notice that the step count is a bit higher than it’s been for a while. I persuaded myself that I should do some more walking, and set off to walk to work. Oh dearie me. I really have been neglecting to exercise, and combined with the ever so slight weight increase, this made the operation a bit difficult, so I did the sensible thing and stopped at Gateshead.

And I had another little walk at lunchtime, when I had my hair cut.

Just for a change, here’s a landscape type thingy. Which I might have edited a bit.



Camera: X-T1
Aperture: ƒ/13
Shutter speed: 1/200s
Focal length: 110mm
ISO: 400
Taken: 15 June, 2015
Location: 52° 55.4373′ 0″ N 4° 7.5203′ 0″ W

[1] If you’re very easily excited, that is

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